A 24/7 suicide prevention hotline for individuals in crisis or in need of speaking with a professional immediately.  

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Available 24/7 to help connect individuals immediately to the nearest suicide prevention and mental health service provider in their area  

National Domestic Violence Hotline

Available 24/7 for individuals who are experiencing domestic violence, seeking resources or information or are questioning unhealthy aspects of their relationships.  

Emergency Services by County

Anyone living in these counties may contact their designated mental health emergency services team.     

  • Fairfax County: 703-573-5679 
  • Alexandria City: 703-746-3401 
  • Arlington County: 703-228-5160

Alcoholic Anonymous

For individuals concerned about their drinking or wish to learn more about their drinking habits


Strength and hope for friends and family members of individuals with alcoholism